Articulated truck-tipper

The industry of bulk freight transportation develops headlong, throwing challenge to haulers and thus prompting them to improvement.

Company Trans-Service-1 offers innovation on the market of grain transportation, namely articulated truck -tipper (volume 92 cubic meter).

Tipper – hitching is logical choice for leading producers and traders on Ukrainian agrarian market.

Articulated truck – grain carrier helps to save time and funds by carrying out rapid transportations of large volumes of grains within the whole territory of Ukraine.

Specialized grain carriers of the year 2012 with the carrying capacity up to 60t are equipped with hydraulic cylinder, and if needed cargo can be covered with a tent and sealed. 

Articulated truck aimed for the transportation of:

  • grain and oilseeds (sunflower, wheat, corn, barley, oats, pea and etc.);
  • other bulk cargoes (cake, solvent cake and etc.).

Technical specifications:

Total volume 92 m3
Truck volume 40 m3
Trailer volume 52 m3
Maximum carrying capacity 60 000 kg
Total weight of articulated truck 23 000 kg
Length 22 m
Height 3,75 m
Width 2,55 m

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Articulated truck-tipper 32 32 32 32 32

Taking into account dissimilarity of transportations, necessity of the fast response, taking of optimal solutions and also geographical diversity of places of loading/unloading terminals, our company’s employees trace within 24 hours location of each unit of vehicle by means of satellite navigation, quickly analyze logistic processes and operations. Owing to this, we promptly fulfill the correction of traffic routes and their change which, in turn, gives possibility to convey a vehicle for the loading to any populated localities, both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. 

You can be sure that our company will deliver cargo in no time.