Transportations by refrigerator trucks

Cargo transportations by refrigerator trucks are the ideal way of transportations for perishable goods, as well as for cargoes, which demand special temperature condition, as for low-tonnage, mid-tonnage and multi-tonnage refrigerator trucks.

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The company «Trans-Service-1» carries out the transportations by refrigerator trucks in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe onto the modern cargo autos of DAF brand and provides with full complex of services.

  • Organization of cargo transportation;
  • Delivery of cargo from storehouse to airport;
  • Delivery from door-to-door;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Forwarding;
  • Control of cargo movement;
  • Control of temperature condition (-25/+18 °C).

Refrigerator truck is the transport facility with cold store, which intends for transportation and non-prolonged storage of foodstuffs, medicines with artificial cooling in special temperature condition.

The company «Trans-Service-1» organizes transportations by refrigerator trucks following the governmental and international standards. There is the full package of resolving documents for the transportation by refrigerator trucks. The truck driver has a sanitary book and undergoes medical commission in time, all refrigerator trucks have sanitary passport.

Each type of product, being transported by refrigerator truck, requires its own temperature condition. The company «Trans-Service-1» will provide a temperature condition from -25 °C to +18 °C for the following products:

  • Foodstuffs: fresh meat, chilled meat, fresh fish, frozen fish, deep-meat, meat products, frozen fruit and vegetables, ice-cream, convenience foods;
  • Medicines, vaccines;
  • Flowers;
  • Cosmetics, etc.

Our company pays special attention to this area, we care about the quality of cargo transportation and timing of delivery. Even if the terms of the transportation run out, our experts will develop for you the best route and, if possible, send your goods out of turn.

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