Dear colleagues,

Welcome by website of «Trans-Service-1» company!

It’s been 10 years already that our company deals in the transport service market. Today «Trans-Service-1» has worked its way from a small transport company up to one of the acknowledged leaders of the Ukrainian transport market.

We make steady progress understanding that we by far are not the solitary player in the Ukrainian market of international transport movement. And that’s why we do everything possible to be chosen.

Enhancing of partnerships and implementing of integrated approach has always been and will remain the main goal of our company. To do this we have everything required: large vehicle park numbering 601 pieces of equipment, all needed licenses, and the most important - vast and successful work experience in the market.

Despite economic crises the past year of 2012 was successful for «Trans-Service-1» which allowed not only to considerably enlarge the park but also to accumulate great financial reserves. We set a high value on the fulfillment of our obligations to clients under long-term contracts concluded. Our company’s financial situation is secure and we are excited about the future.

With the help of our website we wish to become still closer and more available to You, our Clients, Partners and Colleagues, to provide you with timely information on our achievements and new services as well as to get a feedback from you.

We are sure that joint efforts will give us more strength to make new reaches of success!

Looking forward to closer ties of partnership,
Director to «Trans-Service-1»