For the sake of experiment, in one of Ukraine regions SAI will be abolished

Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' will be the first where State Automobile Inspection (SAI) will function according to new scheme.

It was informed by Press Service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (MIA). MIA board approved the Concept of priority measures to reform MIA, as well as the bill to reform SAI.

According to the document, State Automobile Inspection will be released from administrative services, there will be implemented automatic record of traffic rules violation, and patrol police will get functions of SAI in locations. The first region will be Khmel'nyts'ka one. In frames of experiment, SAI will be united with patrol police into a single unit.

It is to be reminded that liquidation of municipal traffic policemen has been foreseen by the major MIA reform, prepared by authorities. According to this reform, control under the safety of traffic rules will be one of the national police’s functions.  There will be no more initial traffic policemen in locations. Instead of them must be “universal” policemen with functions of an ordinary patrol, and at the same time they will control the safety on roads. Besides, SAI won’t issue driving license anymore and won’t register vehicles. Mentioned functions will be fulfilled by local authorities.